A Great Android Comes in Samsung Galaxy S 4G

No one wastes the chance to get a hand into the best phone gadget that doesn’t only provide us with speed up connectivity but also varying entertainments. To answer this need, perhaps Samsung gives us the right choice by releasing the Samsung Galaxy S 4G. When we see its connectivity, the 4G has perfectly answered our need by giving us guarantee to use any communication applications with high speed and minimum problems. We may need to take a look at it further to know exactly how this connectivity option serves us the greatest benefits.
High download speed up to 21 Mbps
Compared than 3G connectivity, the 4G certainly is one step ahead. When we usually still face trouble in connecting to internet by using the 3G but that won’t ever happen again with 4G connectivity. In fact, it is able to serve us with great internet speed where we can download or stream online music and videos within only seconds without having the need to wait the buffering process to be completed. Well, the 4G connectivity may be the biggest feature offered by this phone but actually there are still numerous great features and applications embedded in it. And according to some source, this phone is the only phone that is able to deliver download speed that can reach up to 21 Mbps.
Durable processor and memory
This phone comes with Hummingbird processor of 1GHz that gives us guarantee smooth application using. It also serves us durable capability so we won’t likely encounter any problem. With its internal ROM of 1GB and internal RAM of 512MB, we are guaranteed with highly sharp pictures and the availability to upgrade its capability to save, to process and to change the data. This is completed with the external memory card of 16GB that can be expanded to 32GB.
Various entertainment features
Now, we should see the camera first. It’s quite fascinating since it comes as 5 MP built in camera along with the HD camcorder. It surely satisfies those who love to take any photos and video to record their greatest memory. With its front camera, we can also have video chat without the need to wait for buffering to be completed too. And surely we can also watch for any movies or videos online or by downloading it first with ease since it comes with 4.8 inches touch screen.
So, considering all great offered from Samsung Galaxy S 4G, we no longer need to feel doubt buying any of it.

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