Better Battery Life For Your Android Phone! Quick and Easy Tips!

Back in the day, people could use their mobile for days without charging it once. But nowadays, with the added features on a mobile phone, it is now hard to last a whole day with a single charge. Phones today are equipped with a bigger color screen, different kind of wireless connections, cameras, and music players, among many others. It is very hard for that little phone battery to keep up with all the changes. I will attempt to help you guys on your quest for a better battery life on your Android device.
The best way to make your device last longer is to turn off all unused connectivity options. This includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and most importantly 3G. Unless absolutely needed turn those off as much as you can. Many different applications are available in the market to help you manage the connections that I will get to later on. If you do not browse on your device or browse on your device often, switch the 3G off, the faster connection can greatly affect your battery life. You can do this by accessing the settings on your device.
Avoid using your phone as a music player: MP3 players are fairly cheap nowadays; do not use your phone as your music device. You will find a better musical experience when stepping outside your Android devices and you will not regret it when you really need to use your phone only to find you drained your battery because you left the new Lady Gaga hit on repeat.
Turn off haptic feedback: Repeated use of the vibration on your phone can take a toll on your battery. It is a fun option to have but it is also one you can live without.
Close or change settings on applications that consistently need to connect to the network to refresh data. It is very fun to have a live scores of your favorite sports, horoscope updated every hour, Facebook status updates, the latest tweets on your Twitter account and a update on weather every 15 minutes; but you need to avoid running all of them as much as possible. Keep whatever you think is necessary; if you only need to read your horoscope once a day, change the update cycle. If you have 5 different Twitter account, combine them to just one. Those are just simple little things that can greatly affect battery life on any Android devices that is connected to a cellular network.
Here are some very useful applications that can help you in your batteries woes:
Power Manager: This very useful jewel available in the market will let you assign profiles to your device depending on various situations. It will let you customize many different options based on how much battery life your device has left or on what power source it is running. Not free but worth every little penny, I still wonder why there are not any mobile operating systems that come with so many options like this application has. This one also comes with a useful widget that lets you easily toggle many options on your device.
Advanced Task Manager: Available for free or for a price, I mentioned this on in my other article but this one also works great in saving battery life. It will close applications automatically for you so that they do not run on the background. A must have.
This said, if you do follow all of my advices religiously, I can assure you that you will be able to last the whole day without worrying about battery life (Unless you talk on the phone 5 hours a day). For a better Android experience, it is better for one to explore what they can do their little device and customize to their own preferences.

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