How to Make a Droid App People Use

If you want to know how to make a Droid app people will use, I hope I can give you the piece of the puzzle you have missed until now. In a nutshell, focus your efforts and focus your app. I will be speaking in generalities, which will not hold true in all cases, as generalities tend to do.
Android phones are made to be as versatile as they can be by virtue of the many apps that are being made for them by developers all over the world. Android phones (or Droids) are versatile because they are computers that can be used as phones. Apps are just little programs to make the computer do what needs to be done.
Other than the cell phones that when docked transform their docking platform into a laptop for all intents and purposes, smartphones are used on the fly and their apps need to be quick to access, quick to solve a problem, and simple to use. It is not simply a matter of a short attention span – smartphone users are often trying to multitask and using the smartphone to enable them to do it.
Smartphone screens display a little data at a time. The display must be clear with relatively large icons so the phone data can be recognized and used from a glance and their fingers can poke the right icon to enable the app’s function. Of course, you can program the app to react to movement, including bumping and shaking as well as touch or multitouch. Therefore, you need to plan for the app to solve one problem quickly, simply, and well.
One problem. Do you know what one problem you need to solve? Do you really need to solve it with a smartphone? if you do come up with a solution, will it be convenient to use a smartphone to solve the problem? is there an app for that now? These are questions you need to be able to answer before you progress any further. If there is an app for that, does it really solve the problem? Can you solve it better? Do you know someone well that would have a use for that app, should you develop it?
When you have a clear idea of the problem and a rough idea of how the solution should look and function, look at what you are solving and make sure you are making an app that can be accessed, used, and closed quickly. If it is trying to solve too many problems at once or displaying too much data at one time, the user may get frustrated or worse, become absorbed with the app when it might be dangerous to do so.
In the same way martial arts teach one to focus concentration and power, in the same way light becomes a laser, by concentrating the app with focus on one problem, you can learn from developers how to make a droid app that is both useful and convenient to use by the on-the-go smartphone user.

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