Better Battery Life For Your Android Phone! Quick and Easy Tips!

Back in the day, people could use their mobile for days without charging it once. But nowadays, with the added features on a mobile phone, it is now hard to last a whole day with a single charge. Phones today are equipped with a bigger color screen, different kind of wireless connections, cameras, and music players, among many others. It is very hard for that little phone battery to keep up with all the changes. I will attempt to help you guys on your quest for a better battery life on your Android device.
The best way to make your device last longer is to turn off all unused connectivity options. This includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and most importantly 3G. Unless absolutely needed turn those off as much as you can. Many different applications are available in the market to help you manage the connections that I will get to later on. If you do not browse on your device or browse on your device often, switch the 3G off, the faster connection can greatly affect your battery life. You can do this by accessing the settings on your device.
Avoid using your phone as a music player: MP3 players are fairly cheap nowadays; do not use your phone as your music device. You will find a better musical experience when stepping outside your Android devices and you will not regret it when you really need to use your phone only to find you drained your battery because you left the new Lady Gaga hit on repeat.
Turn off haptic feedback: Repeated use of the vibration on your phone can take a toll on your battery. It is a fun option to have but it is also one you can live without.
Close or change settings on applications that consistently need to connect to the network to refresh data. It is very fun to have a live scores of your favorite sports, horoscope updated every hour, Facebook status updates, the latest tweets on your Twitter account and a update on weather every 15 minutes; but you need to avoid running all of them as much as possible. Keep whatever you think is necessary; if you only need to read your horoscope once a day, change the update cycle. If you have 5 different Twitter account, combine them to just one. Those are just simple little things that can greatly affect battery life on any Android devices that is connected to a cellular network.
Here are some very useful applications that can help you in your batteries woes:
Power Manager: This very useful jewel available in the market will let you assign profiles to your device depending on various situations. It will let you customize many different options based on how much battery life your device has left or on what power source it is running. Not free but worth every little penny, I still wonder why there are not any mobile operating systems that come with so many options like this application has. This one also comes with a useful widget that lets you easily toggle many options on your device.
Advanced Task Manager: Available for free or for a price, I mentioned this on in my other article but this one also works great in saving battery life. It will close applications automatically for you so that they do not run on the background. A must have.
This said, if you do follow all of my advices religiously, I can assure you that you will be able to last the whole day without worrying about battery life (Unless you talk on the phone 5 hours a day). For a better Android experience, it is better for one to explore what they can do their little device and customize to their own preferences.

The Japanese Android Of Man’s Fantasy

Necessity and imagination is the key to motivating human innovation. However, the word necessity has already been ambiguous since as early as the existence of “social stratification” and “individual preference”. Necessity has been classified according to the level of social condition human beings belong to. This classification was formulated by a brilliant founder of humanistic psychology, Abraham Maslow. Maslow classifies necessity according to a caste system named after him, the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. In that caste system, “necessities inevitably escalate as mankind or its society progresses”. In our age, human progress has already seemed to undergo massive proportions.
Innovation is responsible for the unprecedented acceleration of mankind’s technology. Human beings never seem to come up with ideas to make life more convenient and fulfilling. It seems Maslow’s hierarchy of needs not only limits to economic social conditions, but it has also become tangible in terms of another factor- generation. Things normally considered imaginary during the past couple of decades has already been a necessity to some of the people in contemporary times.
If innovation and technological advancement is dedicated to noble and praiseworthy pursuits, then the same goes for others whose interest lies on something unconventional and perverted. The existence of the internet might be considered as a tool for pure state-of-the-art means of communication to some people, but nowadays many, if not all, have used it for pornography. Our technology has become so powerful that it has turned some science fiction into a reality. Children born during the 80’s and 90’s considered robots to be incredible that they believe they may not live to see them. In a matter of a three decades Japan has created a robot that is so real, people would mistake her as a human being.
The latest robotic technology presents, Repliee Q1 Expo, a robot designed after an alluring femme-fatale. For what purpose will this mechanical creature be used for? Obviously, since it is designed to be an irresistibly charming lady, her purpose is to have sex with guys. She flutters her eyelids normally as any flirtatious sweetheart would do. She mimics breathing and her movements indeed resemble a human body’s motion. This robot contains 42 actuators in its system and though it is the latest innovation in robotics technology, it is simply the first step into achieving the complete android robotics.
If the internet could be a safer and less outrageous medium for human beings to indulge in sexual activities, then using androids for sexual pleasure is a huge step into solving the moral dilemma of committing lustful acts. There is no safer and more fulfilling sex than doing it with a machine that looks and feels like the human opposite sex. After Repliee Q1 Expo’s complete development of the 42 actuators, the Japanese scientists will augment her with sensation coming from the prototype 250 sensors of other MIT Robots. They will also include real skin growth in the near future as such a technology has already been developed in petri dishes. Repliee Q1 Expo will surely evolve as a sexual mechanical creature made for men’s pleasure.

Android Is Beating iOS in the Smartphone Wars

In the public estimation, the iPhone in all its iterations was widely considered to be the epitome of a modern smartphone. This just goes to show you what a good job of work the Cupertino-based tech giant did in brainwashing the masses. It is said that if you are going to tell a lie you should make it a big one. This is exactly what Steve Jobs did when he marketed his iPhone on the basis that it was technologically more advanced than the opposition. In actual fact, this is not true, and it never was in the first place.
For all its slimline casing and glittering screen, the iPhone has always trailed behind Android-equipped handsets. This is because the Android operating system is an evolving, open source platform, whereas iOS is not only closed off but is based around placing limitations and restrictions on the user at every turn.
It is fair to say that Jobs got off to a good start with the iPhone and iPad. The Apple chief understood the importance of attractive design, which is what did the trick in getting the public sold on his products in the early days. Soon enough, the snowball effect was in evidence as the stampede to grab the latest and greatest gadgets saw Apple jump to the top of the sales charts.
Now that the dust is settling, people are gradually realizing that each new version of the iPhone brings with it very few innovations. In addition, there is little room to manoeuver on the style front – if the design team made the handsets any more wafer-thin, they would likely be in danger of snapping in users’ hands! The slowing down of the iPhone bandwagon, just as Android gets up to speed, is almost certainly the reason for the fact that sales of Android handsets are now surging, whereas Apple is heading into the doldrums.
As compared to iOS and the iPhone, Android is based around technical innovation and usability. For sure, Android handsets are quite stylish in some cases, but it is not a case of style over substance, unlike fashion-oriented iOS devices.
Where Android scores every time is in the wide variety of apps available for users to download onto their phones. The vast majority of these apps are free of charge, which is to be welcomed in these severely cash-strapped times. By contrast, Apple’s philosophy is to lock everything down and punish users with fees and charges (not to mention deliberately changing hardware specifications so that users can no longer use the same leads, chargers, and other accessories).
When it comes to apps, Apple restricts what developers can do. Unless officially approved by Apple, developers are not allowed to produce apps for the iPhone. This is quite different with Android, which is an open source operating system, so anyone can produce an app if they want to. While this may result in a few dead duck apps, in the long term it means the Android OS keeps the upper hand in technological terms.

Essential Tips for Android Application Development

Android Application Development has amazed the world with its marvelous success in mobile applications industry and according trend analyst android will have maximum market share in next few years. Applications created using android is highly reliable and robust compare to other platforms. More ‘n’ more professionals are getting deep into android development and try to get benefits from it.
If you have just entered into android app development and wish to get immense success with your first app than there are certain things you should keep in mind to make your app successful and get boost up your career as an android app developer.
Here are some essential tips or guidelines for Android app development:
• First get package name of your application! Android has one file called , which contains all the details about your applications. Package name in file will work as identifier for your app. So, try to get your place reserve at the very initial level.
• If your android application is not so small, then try to cut it down in small different suits and services. As we all know that the smaller the app faster it loads.
• Try to get nerves of your target audience! It is very crucial for android developers to know what their audience or users expecting from them. Try to do some research and analysis of what actually users are looking for and expecting from your app. Get some feedbacks from users if you already have created your app, it will help to improve your app.
• If you don’t have any experience of SQL, then get your hands on it. Also try to learn XML as well. It will help you a lot while you develop any applications as android applications heavily rely on XML and SQL database.
• Try to know about eclipse and its features.
• Get in-depth about Android SDK and other supporting tools.
• Get familiar with hierarchy viewer and incorporate it within your android app development as it will help you to easily visual UI of the app and help you to visualize critical and complex layouts within your android app. Due to some security concerns it restricted to android OS development version or the emulator.
• Use layout opt to optimize various XML layouts within your apps.
• Don’t overlook testing of the android app! Always prefer to use automated testing of your app once you complete it.
So, above we see some killer tips for android app developers to keep in mind during their first android app development.

Motorola Defy+: Style and Function Combined

There are a lot of smart phones out in the market, but a lot of them are very sensitive, can easily break, and give out on you, especially when you let go of them and they fall off your fingers. As a result, it just seems impossible for someone who’s clumsy to have a smart phone for his or her own enjoyment.
To address this plight, it’s a good thing that the cellular and smart phone giant Motorola recently introduced the Motorola Defy+, a new smart phone in the market that has the greatest and the best kinds of applications than you can ever imagine. With its wide array of features, the new Motorola Defy+ is a force to be reckoned with.
The New Motorola Defy+ Is Tough To Deal With
One of the best things about the new Motorola Defy+ is its ability to withstand exposure to water, moisture, dust, and breakage. The body of the new Defy+ is guaranteed to be water and dust resistant, and has a shockproof body that can take on any slippery hand. The new Defy+ is made to take on the toughest and the worst that any person can do to it, and more.
If you want to have a smart phone that can be used by even the toughest person, what you want is the new Motorola Defy+. It is the smart phone that can deliver when you think that you can’t.
Connect to the Rest of the World With Google Mobile Applications
A great feature of the Defy+ is the inclusion of Google Mobile services. Google Mobile services include Google Maps, Google Maps navigation, Gmail, Google Talk, and YouTube. You can now enjoy all of these Google Mobile services in your new Motorola Defy+ smart phone.
If you are feeling that you want to check your mail in a jiffy, you can use the Gmail service that is included in your Defy+. Lost in a new town? Then perhaps you might want to go to your Google Maps and Google Maps navigation control. If you want to view the latest viral videos, you can go ahead and view your YouTube page in seconds. If you want to catch up with a friend and have a chat with him or her form halfway round the world, you can use the Google Talk app that is directly installed into your Defy+ phone.
Obviously, you can’t do anything with your slippery hands. But, you can do something with the way that you think of owning a smart phone today. There is a way for you to own a smart phone even if you tend to lean towards being clumsy.
If you want to have a phone that can cater to your need and not the other way around, then something that is as wonderful as Motorola Defy+ can really work for you. The new Motorola Defy+ is the latest and the greatest smart phone that has come out of Motorola. With its tough exterior, it’s bound to last long even if it ends up falling from your hands or pockets.

The New HTC Desire S Is Powered by Gingerbread

One of the most popular handsets in HTC’s roster is the Desire. This smartphone won the phone of the year award back in 2010. It came pre-installed with the latest Android OS iteration at the time the Android OS version 2.1 ?�clair. In the entire year the mobile phone has been with us, it is now powered by another iteration of the operating system. The Froyo (version 2.2) rolled out and users were given the opportunity to make use of the most advanced iteration of Android. However, in a recent announcement by the Taiwanese manufacturer, bad news hit the handset’s users. HTC announced that its award-winning handset will never get the Gingerbread update. This will not be the case on the new Desire S.
Despite announcing that the latest iteration to Android would be available to the original version of this smartphone, the company announced on their official Facebook page that technical problems prevented their developers from rolling out the new update. Apparently, the legacy handset simply could not handle the new software update. This is understandable since the handset has been with us for more than a year.
The HTC Desire S allows users to enjoy the most advanced iteration of Google’s Android mobile operating system. It comes pre-installed with the latest iteration of Android, Gingerbread. Users can enjoy this most advanced operating system straight out of the box.
There are a number of advantages to be enjoyed by users with this up to date OS version. Despite currently being the most popular operating system in the UK, Android handsets are prone to draining their batteries faster compared to competing platforms. This is all about to change with Gingerbread. This new OS version is more energy-efficient. This means that the powerful features of the HTC Desire S will not drain the batteries as fast as you thought.
Another advantage of this OS version is web fidelity. Web fidelity refers to the rendering of text, running of graphics, streaming of videos, etc. Gingerbread comes with the latest Adobe Flash Player support. This means that users will be able to access numerous websites on the internet just like on their desktops or laptops. There are more than 1.6 million websites across the web that relies on flash for their features and attractions. This means that you will have access to millions of websites on this handset.
These are the advantages of the Gingerbread Android version on the HTC Desire S.

The HTC Wildfire Offers An Abundance Of Social Networking Features

The HTC Wildfire continues to be a popular choice thanks to its abundance of social networking features and full touchscreen functionality, and provides the power of the Android operating system all with an affordable price tag.
The handset is compact and pocket friendly and also very lightweight at just 118 g. It boasts a 3.2 inch TFT capacitive touchscreen which is on hand to display up to 16M colours with the utmost quality and clarity within its pixel count of 240x 320. The screen supports multi-touch input and comes with both proximity and accelerometer sensors and also includes a touch-sensitive shortcut panel and an optical trackpad offering an alternative means of navigating the HTC Sense UI.
The HTC Wildfire comes with 384 MB RAM and 512 MB ROM as standard however there is also an integrated microSD slot which users can take advantage of by installing an appropriate memory card of up to 32 GB. This means that the handset can potentially store an entire digital music collection along with a large number of other files such as video clips, documents and photos. The internal media player supports a number of different video and music file formats making it a great multimedia device.
In order to stay connected to the appropriate cellular networks and to offer the initial means of Internet connectivity, both GPRS and EDGE are called upon in class 10 versions. In areas where 3G coverage is available, users can enjoy Internet access at speeds of up to 7.2 megabytes per second, whilst the optimum Internet connection is achieved via Wi-Fi connectivity. GPS, micro USB and Bluetooth connections are all included as standard.
The HTC Wildfire is a capable cameraphone thanks to a 5 mega pixel unit which operates at 2592x 1944 pixels resulting in good quality still images. Autofocus and LED flash are on hand to improve the photos quality. The geo-tagging feature is also included and this records the location at which the camera was used, thanks to GPS. As an additional means of image capture, users can also shoot video footage using this camera. If you are looking for a cameraphone with an easy to use camera function, the HTC Wildfire is likely to prove the ideal choice.
The HTC Wildfire ships with Android v2.1 (Eclair) as standard, however this is upgradeable to later versions. A number of social networking features such as Facebook, Flickr and Twitter apps are all included, along with the standard package of Google Android features such as Google search, maps, Gmail and Google Talk. Users can take advantage of the Android Market which now contains over 100,000 apps from numerous categories. These can be downloaded straight to the phone at varying costs.
The HTC Wildfire is surprisingly functional given its price tag, and is available in a number of different colours meaning it does not sacrifice its aesthetic appeal. This makes a great choice for those who also view their phone as a fashion statement, or those who simply want an affordable yet functional Android smartphone.

LG Optimus GT540 Android Phone Review

The Android platform has grown at a fast rate these past couple of months. According to the latest data it is currently the number one platform for smartphones beating its rivals such as iOS of the iPhone and RIM’s Blackberry OS. If you are looking for an excellent unlocked Android phone then one of the best models available is the LG Optimus GT540. This mid-level priced phone comes with high-end features that make it a very popular model to choose.
The phone has a very sleek design and is solidly built. The brushed metal look on its side and back adds to the ruggedness of its design. You won’t notice any creaks when you hold it. At the front you will see a 3.2 inch resistive touch screen. Although most models come with capacitive touch screens today navigating the menus on this model is pretty responsive. It can support Android 2.1 Froyo which means you will have access to the Android Marketplace and can choose from the hundreds of thousands of applications to install in your device.
Travelers will love the fact that this unlocked android phone uses Quad band technology. This means that you can use this model anywhere in the world. To save on roaming charges from your home network you can just insert a prepaid SIM from whichever country you are travelling to and enjoy using your phone immediately.
Going online is also easy with this model. You have two connection choices to choose from, HSDPA or Wi-Fi. If you are near a hotspot you can just turn on the Wi-Fi feature of this model and fire up the browser to go online. When you are on the move, HSDPA connection can be used. The HSDPA technology uses cellular network and has great download speeds.
For those interested in its multimedia features this unlocked android phone comes with a 3 megapixel auto-focus camera. You will be able to shoot photos or record videos of 17 frames per second. There is a standard 3.5mm port on top of the model so that you can use any high-end headphone you have to enjoy music. There is a microSD slot is capable of supporting capacities of up to 32 GB and makes a great storage place for all your music and photos.
If you are looking for an excellent unlocked android phone then consider the LG Optimus GT540. It is a wonderful touch screen phone.

The Advantages of the Google Nexus One to the End User

Cell phones have been becoming more and more sophisticated over the years. They are almost small computers as opposed to just phones. Google has been developing the Android platform that is now on many popular phones and will even be developed into a netbook platform in the near future. Google has decided to take the jump into the cell phone hardware market by making the Nexus One. It will be Google’s personalized version of their Android phone platform.
There are some significant advantages to the end user by buying this Android phone versus other Android phones on the market.
First, Google has stated that there will be some specialized features. They have not released what these might be yet, but for those that are on this platform they will get some extras that other Android phones do not have.
Second, this phone is completely unlocked. There are no restrictions that are artificially put into the phone like many networks do when they make a version of a phone. This means that the end user will be able to add any Android applications and use any functionality with the only limit being the hardware in the phone. It’s rare to have complete and total freedom over the devices that you get to use as this freedom is generally severely limited by being locked out of parts of the system.
What is nice about this is that most phone vendors keep a severe limit of control over your phone and it’s applications. The unlocked Nexus One will feel a bit more like your computer where you can install and remove software freely as a user instead of being locked away and controlled by a company or network.
With an unlocked phone, as long as your network supports the basic functionality, you will be able to use this phone as you wish. With such an open platform, the application possibilities really are limitless just like internet applications or desktop applications are.

Get Your Best Android GPS Tracking Solution

If you are searching for right Android GPS tracking solution then this article is for you. Every Android device has inbuilt GPS chip in it. This helps you to keep track of your mobile devices in real time. You can find lot of tools online for Android GPS tracking. Selecting right Android Mobile Applications from this bunch is not an easy task. Let’s explore right Android Application Development solution for GPS tracking.
Mobile tracking
If your phone is GPS enable, you can track location of your phone in real time. If you want to use mobile tracking, simply install the tracking software on your phone. Using Software is best option as compared to hardware. In Future perspective software upgrading will be more easy and cost effective as compared to hardware, which requires physical replacement.
Select the best Android GPS tracking tool
Before Selecting GPS Tracking tool make a check list of your basic requirement. Prepare the list of software which is up to your requirement list. Study the review of customer and expert and narrow it down up to top 10 lists. Now thoroughly analyses the technical capability of the software such as text message, Global Positioning system data, logs etc. Select 3 out of 10 on the basis of your analyses. Next step is to test software in experimental environment. Analyze the performance, Speed, UI, report displays etc. and then select the best performing software.
Benefits of Android mobile tracking
GPS embedded Android mobile device has been implemented in large number of sectors. In transportation sector Cab Services, Logistic services etc are using these devices. Other major sectors using these services are Tourisms, Environment preservation, City Planning etc.
Other Care points
Internet users are direct under threat of virus and many other malwares attack. Take special care while searching and downloading software from net. Accidental download of virus is very common between internet users. Always download from trusted site. Before downloading, analyses the review carefully and reputation of website among users.
It is very easy to download Android GPS tool and in few minutes you can implement it without having high level technical knowledge, and it is matter of an hour and you will be live on GPS and enjoying its services.