The Japanese Android Of Man’s Fantasy

Necessity and imagination is the key to motivating human innovation. However, the word necessity has already been ambiguous since as early as the existence of “social stratification” and “individual preference”. Necessity has been classified according to the level of social condition human beings belong to. This classification was formulated by a brilliant founder of humanistic psychology, Abraham Maslow. Maslow classifies necessity according to a caste system named after him, the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. In that caste system, “necessities inevitably escalate as mankind or its society progresses”. In our age, human progress has already seemed to undergo massive proportions.
Innovation is responsible for the unprecedented acceleration of mankind’s technology. Human beings never seem to come up with ideas to make life more convenient and fulfilling. It seems Maslow’s hierarchy of needs not only limits to economic social conditions, but it has also become tangible in terms of another factor- generation. Things normally considered imaginary during the past couple of decades has already been a necessity to some of the people in contemporary times.
If innovation and technological advancement is dedicated to noble and praiseworthy pursuits, then the same goes for others whose interest lies on something unconventional and perverted. The existence of the internet might be considered as a tool for pure state-of-the-art means of communication to some people, but nowadays many, if not all, have used it for pornography. Our technology has become so powerful that it has turned some science fiction into a reality. Children born during the 80’s and 90’s considered robots to be incredible that they believe they may not live to see them. In a matter of a three decades Japan has created a robot that is so real, people would mistake her as a human being.
The latest robotic technology presents, Repliee Q1 Expo, a robot designed after an alluring femme-fatale. For what purpose will this mechanical creature be used for? Obviously, since it is designed to be an irresistibly charming lady, her purpose is to have sex with guys. She flutters her eyelids normally as any flirtatious sweetheart would do. She mimics breathing and her movements indeed resemble a human body’s motion. This robot contains 42 actuators in its system and though it is the latest innovation in robotics technology, it is simply the first step into achieving the complete android robotics.
If the internet could be a safer and less outrageous medium for human beings to indulge in sexual activities, then using androids for sexual pleasure is a huge step into solving the moral dilemma of committing lustful acts. There is no safer and more fulfilling sex than doing it with a machine that looks and feels like the human opposite sex. After Repliee Q1 Expo’s complete development of the 42 actuators, the Japanese scientists will augment her with sensation coming from the prototype 250 sensors of other MIT Robots. They will also include real skin growth in the near future as such a technology has already been developed in petri dishes. Repliee Q1 Expo will surely evolve as a sexual mechanical creature made for men’s pleasure.

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