The New HTC Desire S Is Powered by Gingerbread

One of the most popular handsets in HTC’s roster is the Desire. This smartphone won the phone of the year award back in 2010. It came pre-installed with the latest Android OS iteration at the time the Android OS version 2.1 ?�clair. In the entire year the mobile phone has been with us, it is now powered by another iteration of the operating system. The Froyo (version 2.2) rolled out and users were given the opportunity to make use of the most advanced iteration of Android. However, in a recent announcement by the Taiwanese manufacturer, bad news hit the handset’s users. HTC announced that its award-winning handset will never get the Gingerbread update. This will not be the case on the new Desire S.
Despite announcing that the latest iteration to Android would be available to the original version of this smartphone, the company announced on their official Facebook page that technical problems prevented their developers from rolling out the new update. Apparently, the legacy handset simply could not handle the new software update. This is understandable since the handset has been with us for more than a year.
The HTC Desire S allows users to enjoy the most advanced iteration of Google’s Android mobile operating system. It comes pre-installed with the latest iteration of Android, Gingerbread. Users can enjoy this most advanced operating system straight out of the box.
There are a number of advantages to be enjoyed by users with this up to date OS version. Despite currently being the most popular operating system in the UK, Android handsets are prone to draining their batteries faster compared to competing platforms. This is all about to change with Gingerbread. This new OS version is more energy-efficient. This means that the powerful features of the HTC Desire S will not drain the batteries as fast as you thought.
Another advantage of this OS version is web fidelity. Web fidelity refers to the rendering of text, running of graphics, streaming of videos, etc. Gingerbread comes with the latest Adobe Flash Player support. This means that users will be able to access numerous websites on the internet just like on their desktops or laptops. There are more than 1.6 million websites across the web that relies on flash for their features and attractions. This means that you will have access to millions of websites on this handset.
These are the advantages of the Gingerbread Android version on the HTC Desire S.

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