The Use of Tire and Wheel Washing System in Industry


Industrial places are one of the most crowded places in the world. Many activities are happening in this area. The trucks will deliver the raw materials from other areas to the industry. On the other hand, the trucks will deliver and distribute the products of the industry to other places. Well, industrial places are also one of the most dangerous places. Why? Sometimes, the trucks bring dangerous raw materials which can leak and contaminate the environment around the industry. In addition, some pollutants can also easily fly in the air. It can contaminate vehicles and other things inside industrial areas. Therefore, some industrial places use machines to decontaminate the vehicles and machines in the areas. One of them is Tire and Wheel Washings System or lkw reifenwaschanlage.

What is a Tire and Wheel Washing System?

Generally, Tire and Wheel Washing System is a set of systems to clean and wash the tire of trucks. The purpose of this system is to remove the pollution which is stuck in the wheel and tires of trucks. So, the pollutant will not contaminate the public road. It is important to set that kind of system in the industrial area since there are many pollutants in these areas.

Kinds of Tire and Wheel Washing Systems

The tire and wheel washing systems can be divided into two kinds are roller systems and drive-through systems. The roller system requires the trucks to stop above the wheels. The wheels will be rotated, and the water will come out to clean the tire. Meanwhile, the drive-through systems enable the systems to use magnetic and sensors. The trucks just need to pass the area and the sensor will give the signal to the machine to splash water and clean the tire. Therefore, the drive-through system is more efficient than the roller system. Nowadays, many industrial uses the drive-through system instead of the roller system.